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Our History

Thermoless was founded on 2002 thanks to the vision of Guatemalan entrepreneurs.   They had great experience from their past jobs as executives for big companies like Sebastian International, O.P.I Products Inc. and L’oreal.

They learned the concepts and the importance of a professional systematic way of introducing and growing the professional brands.

With the years and hard work, we already earn the confidence and trust of our clients. The relationship we have is not only as a distributor, they consider us a business partner, because we are not just selling products, we help them develop the right image, incentives to the employees, merchandising and promotions.

We understand that our best allied is the manufacture so we are open to follow the guides and rules they have for their line, this combined with our local experience make each brand to be the best one in each territory.

Who are we?

We are the biggest distributor on the region with coverage in the professional and nutritional market, in the following countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bolivia and Peru.

What do we do?

We as a distributor offer to manage the 100% of the operation, covering all the different areas of a full service distribution. We do,

  1. Logistics for importation
  2. Health registration team
  3. Own warehouses
  4. Complete sales team
  5. Education facilities
  6. Education team
  7. Marketing staff
  8. Invoicing and delivery
  9. Customer service


Become the most important distributor and brand builder of the region, guided by the strategies and rules that the manufactures want for their brands; and be sure that we are going to use our clients to sell through them not to them.


Launch and build each of the brands that we represent until we reach the goals of the manufacture and the distributor make. Giving to our customers the warranty that if is something sell by Thermoless is going to have all the support and service they may need.